Here are some of the defects that I have found during home inspections.  Photos like these are used in the report to help explain the
defect encountered.  All photos were taken by Ralph Brady on actual inspections.
Defects - The Best of the Worst
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Disconnected bathtub drain pipe
Post holding pier in the air
This bathtub drain was completely
disconnected.  About 20% of the
tub/shower drains I see have an
active leak.
This was probably supposed to be
temporary, but they never got around
to doing it correctly.
This 4-plex was built over a filled in
stream and had severe erosion in the
crawlspace.  This pier was hanging
over 12" off the ground due to
Hazardous old school wiring
Damage in crawlspace from leaking water heater
This is some very old wiring and the
fuse holders were probably never
intended to be left exposed.
been leaking for a long time.  If you
see a leak - FIX IT!
I see some pretty funky plumbing.  
Check out these
This trailer had been completely
re-sided, including trim, with OSB,
which should never be exposed to
weather.  Then they painted it brown
like the turd that it was.  This siding
was shot and the trailer was gone the
next time I was in that park.
A balancing act using concrete blocks and
rocks.  This guy is an rock stacking artist in his
spare time.