Danger to Pets from Garage Door Openers

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by Ralph Brady
Brady Home Inspection

As a home inspector my main concern is for the safety of the home for people. For many people their pets are almost like a member of the family. I feel that way with my cat. Just last week I heard of a another cat that was killed the week before by a garage door opener. This is the third story that I have heard from people who personally lost their pets to the garage door opener. The single most important thing to prevent this from happening is to have properly working and operating sensor eyes at the base of the garage door. The eyes should be no more than 6 inches off the ground. To protect pets, it would probably be best to keep them 2″ – 4″ off the ground. If you have an older garage door opener that does not have the sensor eyes, then it may be advisable to get one with them, especially if you have pets.

Get more information on garage door safety here.

Sleeping cat

Sleeping cat

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Here is a good blog post on Activerain about home inspectors that meet only the minimum standards:
The Bare Minimum

What is the Difference Between GFCI & GFI

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I was asked this question on a recent blog about GFCI protection. Because this does come up on inspections fairly often, I thought I would clarify it with a post. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is the proper and full name. The name comes from the fact that the device is monitoring the current in the circuit. If too much current is leaving the device and not coming back, it must be going to ‘ground’ – a ground fault. When it detects the ‘ground fault’ it interrupts (turns off) the voltage/current to the circuit.

I believe the only reason the the acronym GFI is used instead of GFCI often times is that it is much easier to say. Not much of a reason, but I do it myself sometimes. I think the fact that it is one letter shorter and still conveys the meaning makes sense. After all you are already reducing it to first letters only, you might as well reduce it a little more.

Thanks to Charles Perkins for asking this question and suggesting to make it a post!

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