Now you’re cooking with gas!!

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Tired after Thanksgiving?  Maybe it’s not the turkey.   There is no difference between the natural gas flame in your oven and the flame in your furnace or water heater.  Nobody would think it was OK to vent the furnace or water heater directly into your home would they.  A properly burning gas flame is very clean and should outgas only a minimal amount of carbon monoxide.   A furnace or water heater is going to burn quite a bit more gas than a stove or range,  they can turn on in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping and the flames are not readily visible.  That is why they must be properly vented to the exterior.

However you cannot be too careful with the oven either.  Ovens and ranges are typically not vented to the exterior like a furnace or water heater.  I have heard that one possible reason that people get tired after thanksgiving is the carbon monoxide from cooking all day.   It is probably best to keep a window at least partially open to keep fresh air in the house.  Use of a range hood that is vented to the outside would also be a good idea.  If the flame at the oven or stove is yellow in color or has an odor to it, it may not be burning properly and could be creating excess carbon monoxide.   A yellow flame should be evaluated and repairs should be done to promote proper combustion.

Have a good and safe Thanksgiving.

Ralph Brady

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