Should the buyer attend the home inspection?

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Performing a home inspection requires a great deal of concentration and a fairly strict routine.  There is a LOT to look at in a relatively short period of time.  A home inspector is most likely going to have a written checklist or a computer to use for on-site data entry.   I use a very detailed check list myself.  Portions of my routine are flexible but only to a certain extent.  When I enter the house, I turn on the stove and dishwasher and take reference pictures before I actually start the interior inspection.  I then start my inspection at the front door and work my way around the house from room to room, ussually in a counter-clockwise rotation.  After doing the interior rooms I go into the attic then test/inspect the furnace and water heater.  I save the bathrooms and kitchen for last so that any leaks won’t have time to dry up before I go into the crawlspace.  With a slab I can do the bathrooms during my normal rotation.  I can do the exterior and roof either before or after the interior.

I welcome the buyers to attend the inspection and alway enjoy meeting them, however if they are there the entire time they can get pretty bored.  Some buyers will also want to point things out in different areas of the house other than where I am working.  That not only slows me down, but can cause me to miss part of my normal routine.  It never hurts to have another set of eyes, and if they point something out to me, I will address it because it obviously is a concern to them.  I think the best approach is for the client to show up towards the end of the inspection.  That way I can walk them around and point out observed issues and talk to them about what I found.  They can also ask me any questions they have about the house at that time.  Once my client gets the report they can also call me with any questions.  The fact is, I never meet most of my clients.  I also get almost no phone calls for questions.  I believe that is because my reports are written in easy to understand terms, concise with pictures included.  If the client feels more comfortable meeting me and talking with me about the house, they are always welcome.

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